Personal cosmic mirror is a computer program, which will calculate and interpret your natal chart, and draw a beautiful chart wheel on screen or paper using a matrix printer or a plotter.

To use the program, you won't need any astrological knowledge at all. All you need is the date, time and place of birth and the sex of the person, which you enter into the main menu of the program.

The interpretation is quite sensitive to birth time accuracy. Just ten minutes difference may in some cases change quite a bit of the printout. That means, that in case of an uncertain birthtime, you may need either a rectification done by a capable astrologer or having the birthtime confirmed.

The program uses an advanced and unique interpretation mechanism. This means that you will get an interpretation which has balanced the chart factors against each other as a human astrologer would have done. Therefore you will see that the printout will be reasonable consistent, avoiding the contradictions known from many ordinary "cook-book" interpretation programs.

You will find a very limited selection of astrology options. This is because the program is mainly meant to do ready made interpretations, and in order to work properly, it must stick to consistent rules. As an astrologers tool, you'll rather need the PCA program, which operates much like this program, but offers a vast number of astrological techniques, and for which you might write your own interpretation text.

You should find the program very straightforward to use. The program uses one main menu for both data input, execution of the calculations and for filing birth data.


The registration of this program is personal, and the program should not be operated by others than yourself. You are allowed to print out interpretations and sell in moderate quantities (up to 500 interpretations a year). If you wish to exceed this number and make bigger business, you will need a business registration. Please contact Electric Ephemeris for details.

Distribution: ELECTRIC EPHEMERIS - Denmark




Hereafter, you will see the Cosmic Mirror as an option in your interpretations pulldown. If your Argus is registered (not a demo), then the first time you click Cosmic Mirror, you will be prompted for a password. You get the password, when purchasing the cosmic mirror interpretation. If installed as a demo, Argus will run Cosmic Mirror without password for charts within year 2000.


To run the interpretation, just enter the birth data into Argus. Please note, that the interpretation is sensitive to the persons gender, so you should select male or female in the input menu. Now just click the Cosmic Mirror option in the interpretations pulldown.


The interpretation is written by Lars Steen Larsen, former president of the Danish Association of Astrologers (SAFA).

The program is developed and maintained by Electric Ephemeris, who have developed astrological software since 1982 and whose program PCA has been distributed worldwide.